TOP-D830 TOPOTU litter conditioner for farming

These products are primarily suitable for animal breeding sites to improve the sanitary environment of farms, prevent environmental pollution and diseases, improve the survival rate of young pups, promote growth and increase economic benefits. It is convenient to be employed in the bedding of pigs and cows, which is nontoxic, non-stimulating, natural and environmentally friendly.


The product is mainly made of nano-modified montmorillonite, by adopting German embedded processing technology, polymeric nano-materials are embedded between the molecular gaps of montmorillonite to form a nano polymer composite montmorillonite product. These products are primarily suitable for animal breeding sites to improve the sanitary environment of farms, prevent environmental pollution and diseases, improve the survival rate of young pups, promote growth and increase economic benefits. It is convenient to be employed in the bedding of pigs and cows, which is nontoxic, non-stimulating, natural and environmentally friendly.

Main ingredients:

High purity nano-modified silica aluminate, mineral adsorbent, plant adsorbent, imported natural plant essential oil, etc.

Product efficacy:

1. Dry induction, coated on the body surface of newborn piglets, non-sticky and non-clumping, keeping body temperature, fast standing and milking, avoiding diarrhoea in piglets without hurting the skin.

2. Efficient dehumidification, drying the environment of the hoggery.

3. Long-lasting anti-bacterial, preventing bacterial reproduction conditions, for as long as 36 hours.

4. Removing ammonia and other harmful gases, driving away flies and other harmful insects, improving the farming environment.

5.  Adding imported compound plant essential oil, durable aroma, preventing stress of herd transfer.

Environmental influences on animals:

1. Anti-African swine fever disinfection resulting in damp pig barns:  susceptible to colds and fevers, diarrhoea in farrowing rooms (colibacillus), and environmental diseases such as streptococcosis, haemoPhiluSparasuis, staphylococcosis and eperythrozoonosis.

2. Newborn piglets are susceptible to illness due to cold as the body surface may not dry immediately in winter; untreated umbilical cords or wounds are susceptible to infection and lower survival rates.

3. Susceptibility of sows to uterine infections, mastitis, etc.

4. Inadequate co-ordination between insulation and ventilation in enclosed enclosures:  prone to excessive humidity in enclosures, fostering the growth of bacteria, and easily developing the above-mentioned diseases.

5. High humidity, tendency for manure to ferment, intense smell of ammonia, susceptible to respiratory diseases, etc.

6. High humidity in hoggery and adverse conditions cause pigs and ruminants to be susceptible to diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, rotting hoof disease and dermatitis. Poultry are susceptible to diseases such as chicken plague, infectious bursal disease and bronchitis.

Product characteristics

1. Alkaline dry powder

The PH reaches above 12 immediately. It is impossible for various pathogenic microorganisms to exist in the hoggery under strong alkaline environment.

Dr. Fan Fuhao used to remark that bacteria and viruses are not fond of three kinds of environment, “acid, alkali and dry”.



2. Efficient water absorption:

Adopted high quality montmorillonite raw ore with an even particle size, water absorption ≥150% with excellent dispersibility.

3. No stickiness:

Convenient application, evenly coated, non-sticky and non-clumping.

4. Light fragrance without pungency:

Adding imported plant compound essential oils, no sub-standard essence, mild fragrance, non-pungent and non-choking to pigs.

5. Cost-effective:

Without altering any of the original breeding patterns and farming equipment, it is convenient to apply. Imported quality, domestic price, multi-purpose, cost-effective preferred product.

Six major functions of TOPOTU litter conditioner for farming:


Function I: Fast Drying

1. Piglet induction:

When applied to the body surface of newborn piglets, it can quickly dry the body surface, keep the body temperature effectively, decrease the loss of physical energy caused by water evaporation, save physical strength, fasten the intake of the first milk as soon as possible, improve the rate of healthy piglets and survival rate effectively, which requires about 1kg for a litter of piglets.

Product strengths:

① Non-sticky, non-clumping and high fluffiness for dry inoculation.

② High water absorption. The swelling water absorption is as high as 150%.

2. Spraying for health care:

• Spraying with a powder sprayer or hand sprinkling in the delivery room, incubator, nursery, resting area and aisles, etc. allow rapid moisture absorption and lower indoor humidity. 

  Liquid disinfectant can be used also to adsorb excess moisture after disinfection.

• Available in all seasons to prevent high temperature and high humidity sow stress in summer, low temperature and high humidity piglet diarrhea in autumn and winter, along with some other diseases such as rheumatism, skin disease, dermatitis, piglet yellow and white dysentery. 

• Spraying or hoof bath in ruminant resting area or padding to avoid diseases such as foot disease. 

Product strengths:

High efficiency to dispel dampness, fast effect; using powder spraying machine, suspension as long as 20 minutes.

Function II: Prevention of Diarrhoea

The formula of this product is added with high quality modified mineral adsorbent and imported essential oil components. Upon licking by piglets, the high adsorption of modified mineral adsorbent can protect piglets' intestines and prevent piglets' diarrhea and yellow and white dysentery with better effect.

It also reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria in the environment, maintains environmental balance, reduces stress on the immune system and piglet stress, and helps piglets to pass the high-risk period. In addition, it can prevent diarrhea by spraying on the resting area of poultry.

Product strengths:

Even particle size, excellent dispersion, high quality raw material, curative effect on regular and stress diarrhea.

Function III: Removing Ammonia(Stink)

It can remove ammonia from the environment effectively, calm the animals and protect them from cough, asthma, pig stress and various neurocentral system diseases.

Experimental profile of TOPOTU litter conditioner for farming in pig farms:

The experiment was conducted in a closed nursery. 10 points were taken in the nursery and the ammonia concentration was measured at 20cm from the ground with a rapid ammonia measuring instrument. And then sprayed the entire barn, 300 square meters per 1 kg. Thirty minutes after the spraying was completed, the ammonia concentration was monitored at the above 10 points at a distance of 20 cm from the ground with a rapid ammonia measuring instrument.

Experimental findings:

• Before the experiment, the average ammonia concentration at the 10 points in the nursery was 46.4 μg/g.

• After the experiment, the average ammonia concentration at the 10 points in the nursery was 1.7 μg/g.

We can see that the use of TOPOTU inoculation powder spray can lower the concentration of harmful gas in an effective way.

PS:  The consequences caused by ammonia and hydrogen sulfide are the most severe amongst the harmful gases in the pig barn. Normally the ammonia content in the barn should not be more than 26μg/g; the hydrogen sulfide content should not be more than 10μg/g.


Function IV:  Bacteriostasis and Anti-inflammatory

Causes bacterial cells to die due to variations in osmotic pressure, leading to dryness and laceration.

• Substitute iodine for piglet delivery to cut the umbilical cord, remove the tail and de-condition the piglets,etc. Also, it can stop the bleeding quickly to block the transmission of streptococcus. 

• Apply to the pubic area of sows after delivery to prevent bleeding promptly. It can effectively prevent the invasion of harmful microorganisms into the farrowing tract, restrain the growth of bacteria around the external reproductive tract, protect against vaginitis and reduce the risk of postpartum infection. It can help to minimize the stimulation of inflammation and facilitate the health of the birth canal. 

• For all kinds of eczema dermatitis and other skin diseases applied to the affected area, with fast crusting of wounds and blocking the spread of germs. 

• For hoof care of pigs and ruminants to minimize the occurrence of hoof diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease and rotting hoof disease, speed up healing and lower the potential for infection.

Function V: Dispel the Worm Fly

It helps to prevent diseases by minimizing the breeding of mosquitoes, flies, parasites and other harmful insects, interrupting the conditions of transmission, and resulting in rapid and healthy growth after spraying.


Function VI: Reduce Stress

Formulated with natural imported plant essential oils, mild fragrance without any choking or pungency to the pigs.

• The product is sprinkled once a day in the nursery fence during the three days after the piglets are weaned and co-mingled, mostly in the backside and activity areas. This can keep the comfort of environmental balance and minimize its adverse stimulation to the immune system. The unique natural essential oil formula of the product itself produces a special odor that can mask the original individual odor variation, reduces the fighting phenomenon and stress significantly so as to facilitate piglets to endure the high-risk period. 

• By sprinkling an appropriate amount of TOPOTU litter conditioner for farming, a reflex connection can be created between the piglets and the special fragrance of TOPOTU. By the time the piglets are weaned to the nursery, they will recognize the area where TOPOTU has been applied, assisting them to achieve three-point orientation quickly. The familiar scent tends to stabilize the piglets to a certain extent and thus enables them to overcome the weaning period with ease.

Usage and dosage (reference)


Phase of use


Suggested dosage


Newborn period

An even layer is coated on the animal's body surface, in particular the umbilical cord area. It dries the body surface quickly, maintains the body temperature of the newborn and minimizes water loss.


Lactation period

Spray onto piglets' beds to maintain a dry environment, decrease the number of harmful microorganisms and adsorb harmful gases including ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, resulting in a reduction in respiratory diseases.

1-2 times per day

50g/m² each time

Docking and emasculatory period

The wound is treated by applying 20g/head 1-2 times per day; this will stop bleeding, prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms and hasten wound healing.

1-2 times per day

20g/head each time

Piglet weaning and transfer period

Daily spraying in the bed to reduce the stress of piglets, prevent the fight phenomenon and facilitate the preparation of diarrhoea and other diseases.

60 g/m²

For sows

Applied to the sow's pubic area directly to alleviate maternity problems.


Humid environment

Spray all over the pig house to suppress the breeding of harmful microorganisms, deodorize, dry and dispel flies. Health care dosage 1 time per week, 2 times per week in serious conditions.



Young piglets growing period

For use in poultry growing areas to keep the environment dry, prevent diarrhoea and absorb harmful gases including ammonia.


Cattle and Sheep

Humid environment

Applied to all the padding where sheep and cattle stand and rest, rapidly dries the environment, enhances environmental indicators, protects against hoof disease, absorbs ammonia and eliminates the mass growth of mosquitoes and flies.




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