Committed to making the best use of every piece of montmorillonite.

Topotu is an emerging brand focusing on the research, innovation and application of montmorillonite. The main mining field of the company are located in Topotu Mountain Range in Ningcheng County, Inner Mongolia (11926 E 41°17 N). Since the establishment of the company, we are well aware of the non-renewable nature of natural resources, and make the best use of every piece of montmorillonite, which has become the focus and foothold of Topotu's innovative application of montmorillonite.


How to realize the vision of the enterprise and how to enable science and technology of montmorillonite has become the biggest driving force for Topotu to continuously invest in scientific research in recent years. Since 2019, we have successively obtained 5 national patents. From the dry and wet purification process of montmorillonite, to artificial intervention of montmorillonite layer charge, whitening and low weight; To the realization of inorganic gel and artificial lithium saponite, it is Topotu's solid technological accumulation at every step that continuously pushes forward the development of various businesses of the company.


In order to speed up the landing of innovative montmorillonite products, the company has invested 50 million yuan since 2020 to construct fine montmorillonite processing production lines and supporting projects with an annual output of 100,000 tons in three stages.


After nearly five years of development, Topotu has basically formed an industrial layout with agriculture and animal husbandry industry as the main line, supplemented by eight industries, such as coating, paper making, ceramics, water treatment and personal care. With the development of the state industry and the development of "specialized, special and new" technology enterprises, Topotu, with a more confident attitude and more enterprising vitality, is trying to develop into a professional montmorillonite track "small giant" enterprise.



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