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  • Food refined

    Food refining business unit is the early application of montmorillonite business field, enabling the traditional application of science and technology, how to solve the desorption efficiency, how to improve the yield, reduce the oil rate, we have prepared a variety of customized solutions for you.
  • Industrial application

    Whether it is the application of traditional alkene removal granular clay or PLA/ layered montmorillonite nanocomposite in degradable plastics, it is always our innovation direction to help customers reduce cost and increase efficiency.
  • Paint industry

    It is not only the function of thickening suspension, but also the cross-linking composite effect of the polymer in the coating formula system.
  • Home and Personal care

    Daily products with montmorillonite after purification, sodium modification, or after gelatinization modification of montmorillonite inorganic gel. Used in daily life, mainly for adsorption, cleaning, suspension, stability, thixotropic, thickening and other functions.
  • New energy storage and catalysis

    As an emerging application unit of montmorillonite materials, Topotu also keeps up with the development demand of green energy for new materials and keeps innovating, whether it is coating materials for heat and cold storage, molecular sieve materials, or catalyst solutions for various scenarios.
  • Animal nutrition and health

    Mycotoxin pollution has been quite common from bulk plant raw materials to feed raw materials. How to effectively remove mildew and reduce the harm to animals and people is the direction of our continuous efforts.
  • Environmental materials

    Make the water clearer, the sky bluer, and make science and technology harmoniously integrate with nature. Taogutu continues to explore the application of inorganic material montmorillonite in wastewater treatment and air treatment.
  • Biomedical materials

    "Materia Medica" in the record "sweet soil non-toxic, the main grass leaves all bacteria toxic. Mix in hot soup ". The long application experience and the biosafety confirmed by modern science and technology open a new innovative perspective for the application of montmorillonite in the field of biomedicine.


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