TOP-D Feed mold remover

The physical and chemical properties and structural properties of Montmorillonite give it unique functions and establish its important position in the feed industry.

Feed mold remover

In recent years, with the development of animal husbandry, people are paying more and more attention to the healthy breeding of livestock and poultry, and the problem of feed pollution is very common in animal husbandry, so it is very necessary to find a safe and environmentally friendly feed additive that does not interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, no residue, no toxic side effects, and no rest period. Montmorillonite's physical and chemical properties and structural properties give it unique functions and establish its important position in the feed industry. At present, montmorillonite is mainly used as a mold remover in the feed industry, which is mainly used for 

(1) selective adsorption of bacteria containing negative electric phospholipids and teichoic acid, the use of positive charge enriched by the end face to adsorb enteroviruses, fixed removal of bacterial metabolites to achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diarrhea; 

(2) Using its good gelability, it covers the mucosa of the digestive tract and forms a protective layer in the intestinal mucosa to protect and repair the gastrointestinal tract; 

(3) Remove mycotoxins, relieve immunosuppression caused by mycotoxins, and enhance the immunity of animals. The addition of montmorillonite to feed has become the first choice for mold removal methods in large-scale feed production.

Product performance indicators:

Indicator Name








Pink, yellow or off-white powder

Montmorillonite content/%





Ethylene blue adsorbed, g/100g





Ammonia absorption/(mmol/100g)





Particle size/%

≥95(mesh 325)

≥90(mesh 500)

≥90(mesh 2000)









Key Features:

This series of products has excellent adsorption, ion exchange, huge particle surface area. Each gram of powder can cover 100~110m2 digestive tract surface, mycotoxins, various viruses, bacteria. And their toxins have strong adsorption performance, anti-mildew and anti-mildew and prevent loose diarrhea function.

Method of Application:

When using, mix the feed evenly and do not sprinkle directly into the trough or put into swill.

Direct filling: make a mixed suspension according to 100mL of warm water per 6g of montmorillonite, shake well and fill with a needle-free metal syringe.

Add Amount:

The addition amount of 0.2~0.5% can effectively alleviate mycotoxins and hazards in feed and prevent diluted abdomen.


Packaging Storage:

Adopts inner plastic film, outer plastic woven bag two layers of packaging. It can also be packaged according to user requirements. Packaging weight is 25kg, or car, boat in bulk. It can also be customized according to user requirements.

Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place to prevent mechanical to be impacted and rained.




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