TOP-D Multi-functional feed binder

TOPOTU is committed to making the best use of each part of montmorillonite, and has developed a multi-functional feed binder through advanced technologies such as modification and compounding, which has strong adhesion and good stability, and is a high-quality choice for bonding livestock and aquatic feed.

Multi-functional feed binder


Feed binder, mainly used to process pellet feed, to improve the quality of pellets, increase hardness and wear resistance, reduce pulverization rate and raw material loss, increase production efficiency and extend mold life, and can reduce feed dust, reduce dust pollution in the environment. To maintain the stability of particle color, especially the bait such as fish, shrimp, crab, turtle and other fish in aquaculture, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the water for a long time, but it does not sink to the bottom quickly, does not scatter particles, and does not pollute the water quality environment. At present, the research on feed binders at home and abroad is becoming increasingly active, and the demand for high-quality feed binders is increasing.


This product is made of high viscosity, high purity montmorillonite, α-starch and biomass gum as raw materials, modified and composite; It has the advantages of high viscosity, high dispersion, non-toxicity, and odorless, and has the function of montmorillonite to adsorb mycotoxins.

Product Features:

1. Good bonding strength

After both laboratory and farm testing, the product optimizes the bond strength to the ideal level, improving the palatability and food attraction of the feed. It is not easy to pulverize, easy to store and transport.

2. Stable and safe

Excellent chemical stability and thermal stability, no antagonism with other nutrients, prevent nutrient loss in the process of feeding, and ensure feed quality.

3. Dual efficacy

Using high-quality montmorillonite raw ore as raw material, it has both adhesion and mycotoxin adsorption, high dispersion, non-toxicity and tasteless.


Method of Application:

At the same time as the small material feeding port and the premix or core material and meal, the small material is put in proportion. And after full mixing and uniformity, it is then mixed with the large material to complete the granulation.


Recommended Dosage:

Add 3-5 kg per ton of livestock and poultry feed, or the formulator will adjust the addition ratio according to the specific formula raw materials. It can appropriately reduce the amount of raw materials such as flour, secondary flour and gluten flour to save formula space.



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